You Need a Versa Lift

If you’re like most homeowners today, you know that your garage is not just a place for safely parking your vehicles and securing your home. It has become the gathering place for all of the extra clutter and boxes you don’t use daily. You may think stacking it all in the garage is a temporary solution for your problem, but what about the security of your vehicle being left out all night?  Oh and don’t forget about the box maze created for you to navigate.

Most people will resort to shelving and hooks in the garage, but that is not a practical solution.  Have you ever tried balancing box of holiday décor completely on those narrow shelves?  It feels like an accident waiting to happen! What wife really finds all of her husband’s tools and gadgets hanging from the wall appealing? That is easy to answer.. none of them! For the money you would spend on the in-garage storage systems, you could update and utilize your home’s built-in additional storage space – THE ATTIC! The Versa Lift (available in two sizes) creates the perfect solution to the clutter and to the unsafe retrieval of boxes, tools, gear, equipment, furniture, and anything else you may have to store.

With the push of one button the Versa Lift can send up to 200lbs of items straight up into the attic and it will land flush with the ceiling. It sits parallel to the attic door for easy unloading and placement which eliminates the danger of climbing a narrow and unsteady ladder with NO HANDS! Once you pair this with the added security of the Versa Rail accessing the transition point from the ladder to the attic will become safer and more convenient. You will able to complete this in one quick and easy motion! Since the Versa Lift is available in two sizes, Model 24 and Model 32, there is a one to fit any need. Combining the Versa Lift with the Versa Rail will quickly alleviate the stress and danger associated with attic access, storage and retrieval.

Consider the added peace of mind the Versa Lift/Versa Rail system will provide during the threat of hurricanes or flood waters. Just knowing you can quickly and safely take your valuables, such as family photos, certificates, diplomas, and titles, to the highest level in your home is priceless.

Call Acadiana Garage Doors today to speak to a Versa Lift expert and learn exactly which Versa Lift model and Versa Rail system is best for you!

P.S. Your vehicle misses it’s spot!

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