Garage Door Weatherstripping – What You Need To Know

Simple maintenance of your garage door will keep it running smoothly for years. Summer is a great time to make repairs, before the weather turns cold.

Why Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Repairing garage door weatherstripping usually means replacing it. Weather seal wears overtime and in some instances gets chewed on by critters passing by.

Replacing your garage door’s weather stripping is well worth it when weighed against your heating and cooling bills. While you may not be heating or cooling your garage, when it is attached to your house, the cold or hot air that comes in through the garage impacts the entire house.

How Weatherstripping Helps

The garage door pulls away from the jamb as it opens. It needs something to snug up to when it closes in order to form a seal to keep debris and the elements out. Additionally, the bottom of the garage door is resting on a floor that may not be perfect. Placing another seal along the bottom of the door will also keep air and debris out.

What to Replace and When

Routinely inspect your garage door seal and replace the top, side and bottom weatherstripping when you notice gaps or air leaking in. Replacing the bottom seal on your garage door is needed when you see light under your door. Cold or hot air blowing in below your door is also a sign of a defective weatherstripping boot. By inspecting the weather seal regularly, you will also notice if it becomes dried out or damaged. By replacing it in a timely fashion, it will save you money by conserving as much heat or cooling as possible.

At Acadiana Garage Doors we have the weather stripping that you need, and the expertise to install it if you would prefer not to do it yourself. Give us a call to explore your options.


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