Why Does My Garage Door Make So Much Noise?

From day to day, our temperature changes with extreme hot and colds. In the winter months, there is more friction in the air. We suggest that you spray the springs and other moving parts with a heavy duty lubricant. Acadiana Garage Door Lubricants are like no other! A noisy garage door is definitely a nuisance but we’ve got a quick fix

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Five Common Garage Door Problems and How To Fix Them

Garage door problems are not something most people think about — until there is a problem. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to keep a garage door in good working order. By simply inspecting your garage door routinely and lubricating its parts twice a year, you can avoid many garage door issues. Below are the most common garage door problems and

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How Your Garage Door Can Boost Your Property Value

When it comes to selling a home, few homeowners think about the important role their garage door plays in drawing potential buyers in and boosting the overall value of their house. The right garage door can increase the value of a home. How does a garage door boost a home’s value? The first way is through curb appeal. Many home buyers

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Tips For Choosing A Reputable Garage Door Company

Installing a new garage door on your home or business is not the time to do a YouTube search and attempt an afternoon DIY project. In order for a door to function properly, it needs to be installed or repaired correctly, which is why it is in your best interest to hire a professional garage door installer. With numerous positive

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How Summer Weather Can Take a Toll on Your Garage Door

Ah, summer has arrived! Long days at the pool, grilling out and picnics with friends! What you might not have considered is how our Louisiana summers play havoc on our garage doors. Below are a few things to keep in mind to protect your garage door from harm during the summer months.   Let the Sunshine In! Or Not Sunshine

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Tips To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Condition

Often, the garage door is the last thing a homeowner thinks about. Like most equipment, however, regular maintenance can keep it running for a long time. Below are a few maintenance tips that will keep your garage door working properly.   What Do You Hear? By paying attention to the sounds your garage door makes when it opens and closes,

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How A New Garage Door Could Save You Money

When considering a new garage door, some people do so with renovations in mind, while others are looking to improve security. What most don’t realize is that a new garage door could help them save money, too. Poor Quality Doors Can Lead to an Increase in Energy Bills Doors that are low quality or not insulated, can cost you in

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How To Fix A Garage Door That Doesn’t Completely Close

Due to consistent use, at one time or another, every homeowner encounters problems with their garage door. One of the most common issue you’re likely to encounter with your garage door is that it doesn’t close completely. It might stop and start, or go all the way down and then bounce back up. Or, it might not close at all.

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How to Program Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Have you struggled to program your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener? In this video, we step you through exactly what you need to do. Remember, if you have any problems with your garage door or your garage door opener, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Happy 2018!

Everyone at Acadiana Garage Doors would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018!