Acadiana Garage Door Lubricant

Acadiana Garage Door Lubricant

Heavy Duty Lubricant is like no other lubricant on the market…

Do you have the loudest garage door on the block?!?

Acadiana Garage Door Lubricants are like no other! A noisy garage door is definitely a nuisance but we’ve got a quick fix for you! Like anything else built of gears and moving metal parts, a garage door gets thirsty over time and with the ever changing weather in Acadiana and the southern sates, the expanding and contracting of the metal on your door requires heavy lubrication. Finding a very heavy penetration oil is difficult on the consumer market and some sprays can be damaging to your garage door. Something in an aerosol type can  and you will definitely want to STAY AWAY from sprays like WD-40 ( this spray will actually attract dirt and may also drip on your car inside your garage). Acadiana Garage Doors carries a top of the line lubrication, specially made for us, for just this type of maintenance. Protect your Investment!

What should I use AGD lubricant on?

  1. Any and All Moving Parts
  2. Coiled tension spring located above your door. *(You can not hurt your garage door with this lubrication)



Heavy Duty Garage Door Lubricant & rust Prevention

When to call Acadiana Garage Doors?


  • Call us if you have any loose or missing parts on your door
  • If there is noises that do not subside
  • If the operator was installed  prior to 1993

*( It  is a good idea to see about replacing it with a newer model. Not only are newer models quieter, they also have more up to date safety specifications.)